I’ll make one of these posts every so often throughout the year, but I just remembered now that I should probably do so. If you have any recommendations for novels that I should read, go ahead and leave me a comment here!


Kelsey :]


11 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. Enduring Love – Ian McEwan
    We’re doing it in English and, quite frankly, it’s pretty awesome.

    Also, there’s a play called Top Girls that’s all about feminism and women in society, if you want to check that out. (but it’s a play, not a novel, so yeah :P)

    • Oooooh, that sound sweet! I’ll put it on my list. Thanks, Chippy! πŸ˜€

      If the play is in a novel format (like, it’s a book, not a series of pages stapled together), I think it counts and will put it down. xD

    • Thanks, Heather! I was already recommended Three Day Road (as well as Through Black Spruce), but I like hearing books get repeatedly suggested because it means they’ll be good. πŸ˜›

  2. Have you read A Walk to Remeber by Nicholas Sparks? Actully all of his books are very good, tear-jerkers but good nontheless.Its one of my favorite books by him

  3. Erm… I have a lot of recommendations!

    If you like on-the-verge-of-crazy kinda books, then The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is an amazing book! The story is told from her standing, and is an autobiography of her neurotic life of hardships. I can’t even begin to describe all the emotions that book will bring you! It’s 288 pages long… So, a pretty easy read. :]

    If you like more heartfelt books, then The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards is great! It demonstrates how one big lie can tear a whole family apart in time. It’s 401 pages… But each page has enough words equivalent to two pages in the average book! Ah well though… It’s amazing. Another very touching book is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of this book already, and you might’ve seen the movie too! It’s meant for younger teens, but I think you’d like it too, because it has a wonderful moral to it. It’s 302 pages long, if you’re wondering. It’s about a 14-year-old girl who accidentally killed her mother when she was little, and her dad basically treats her like shit. (Not even kidding – the dog is treated better!) She decides to run away with her African-American housekeeper Rosaleen and then ends up staying with three colored sisters. They are beekeepers, and Lily (the girl) not only learns about bees, but much more about her mother as well. πŸ™‚

    (Continued in next post!)

  4. The Secret Life of Bees is 302 pages long, by the way! The book I’m currently reading is The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, and I will already recommend it to you! It’s a pretty sappy love story though, so be prepared! πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I hope you decide to read some of these books! I hope I helped. πŸ˜€

  5. “White Oleander” by Janet Fitch…they made a movie out of it but it didn’t quite capture the soul of the book. Basically its about a girl who’s mother is put in jail (serving a murder sentence) and she becomes another child of the system. It goes through the horrific people she meets and the way she blossoms. It’s heart-wrenching but justified in the end.

    • I actually read White Oleander in my grade 12 class, and had to do an essay that compared it to A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews (also worth reading, by the way, and Canadian lit so yay!). Janet Fitch is a pretty fantastic writer, and White Oleander was AMAZING. I’ve been afraid to watch the movie, though. :p

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