Review: Something Borrowed – Emily Giffin

Read: 25
To Go: 75

Book List
21. Water For Elephants — Sara Gruen
22. The Borrowers — Mary Norton
23. Very Valentine — Adriana Trigiani
24. Eat, Pray, Love — Elizabeth Gilbert
25. Something Borrowed — Emily Giffin

One quarter of the way through this challenge and it’s…May. I’m going to really have to get moving on this reading thing!

We all had, or currently have, that friend. You know the one. The one whose life seems to just naturally fall into place. She doesn’t have to try too hard at anything at all, because luck is always on her side. She’s a real winner. However, often this comes at the expense of your own self esteem — she may be a real lucky gal, but she lacks in the tact department. Every moment must be about her, and if it’s about you then she’ll find a way, subtly, to either make it less special for you, or to change the focus back to her. Let’s face it, here: she’s not really a friend. (And if you have never had a friend like this, chances are you were that friend.)

Welcome to the life of Rachel White, who often finds herself measuring her own life against her best friend Darcy’s, who is the type A winner. She went to a sub-par university, only to end up with a better job than Rachel; she’s the “pretty” one; and she’s a real attention hogger. Even on Rachel’s 30th birthday, where this story begins, Darcy manages to outshine her best friend.

However, tables are turned when, tipsy and a little loose, Rachel sleeps with Darcy’s fiance (and her own college buddy), Dexter.

Goody Two-shoes Rachel finds her life suddenly full of the romance and rule-breaking that she’s managed to avoid for a full thirty years, as she and Dex sneak around behind Darcy’s back in the months leading up to her best friend’s wedding.

As someone who has had that friend, Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed was a satisfying and relatable read. As malicious and awful as the sentiment is, there’s something ridiculously appealing about seeing a character like Darcy have something taken from her by the underdog who truly deserved to be happy. The nature of the story is so alluring to those women (and I know there are many) who work their butts off only to find their glory and triumphs usurped by a friend who really isn’t much of a friend at all.

Though Something Borrowed is very much a chick-lit novel, it’s a great one and I’d definitely recommend it.

Next book: Currently unsure; I have too many to choose from!

– Kelsey


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