Review: William and Kate: A Royal Love Story — Christopher Andersen

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Book List
31. Mercy — Jodi Picoult
32. Never Let Me Go — Kazuo Ishiguro
33. The Book of Spells — Kate Brian
34. William and Kate: A Royal Love Story — Christopher Andersen


Christopher Andersen’s William and Kate: A Royal Love Story encompasses William Wales’ birth up until the announcement of his engagement to Kate Middleton, his college sweetheart, but isn’t just focused on that story alone; included in the story is Diana and Charles’ rocky marriage, and their influence on both the boys, the question of Harry’s parentage, and a look into the perceived heartlessness of the monarchy.

It wasn’t what I expected, in that it read more like an extremely extended feature article than it did a novel. I felt like I was reading a report from the Star or the Globe, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I would have preferred the stylistic features of a novel. (Like, for example, capturing more of their romance, versus consulting and quoting friends, palace staff, and other observers of William and Kate’s tale; it was just a bit too he-said-she-said, reporter-style for me.)

However, it was informative, engaging, and interesting. Just because it wasn’t exactly a novel in the traditional sense doesn’t mean I didn’t like it; I could get lost in it for hours, and was thoroughly invested in the story. I was especially impressed by the mostly unbiased nature of the narration; Andersen didn’t attempt to take sides in any of the conflicts that arose in the story. As an aspiring journalist, I can certainly appreciate unbiased writing!

If you go into it expecting a more tell-all, biography feel, then I think you’ll appreciate it more than I did, because while I enjoyed it I was let down, as it didn’t fulfill my preconceived notions of what I’d find inside.

Next book: something by Nora Roberts…my mom lent me a good portion of her extensive collection, so you’ll be getting a few more Nora Roberts reviews in the next couple of weeks! =P

– Kelsey


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