Review: Stuff White People Like — Christian Lander

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41. The Gift — Nora Roberts
42. A Winter Solstice Celebration — DiDi LeMay
43. Limitless — Alan Glynn
44. Stuff White People Like — Christian Lander

Acting as a “definitive guide to the unique taste of millions,” Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander is, quite simply, a long, humorous list of stuff the “right kind” of white people like, including but not limited to coffee, hating multinational corporations, self-importance, and cheese. It appeared to be addressed to someone of a different race, or at least not from the U.S. or Canada, as if it were a legitimate guidebook.

Let me just say that I have never laughed quite so hard. As many satires do, this list rang true — but only in the best of ways. I mean, surprisingly, this book is actually applicable to real life, and laughably so. (I.e. on the way to dinner tonight, I noticed quite a few white people looking…well, stereotypically white, and was able to play ‘spot the stuff white people like.’)

The best feature of the book was probably its functionality as a “workbook,” so to speak. There were flow-charts for white child taxonomy (how to name your white child), how to decide your next big relocation, and what kind of job you should take; there were career trajectories for graduates of “white degrees” (hint: they were almost purely liberal arts-based); there were also mad-libs for globetrotting emails (because every white person’s trip is exactly the same, though we’re all convinced otherwise) and autobiographies. I loved it!

Unfortunately for me, reading the list of stuff white people like, I found myself wanting to do certain things — i.e. travel internationally, meet someone in a coffee shop, and get a job in publishing. I think I may have missed the point. Or maybe I’m just stereotypically white.

I’m sure it goes without saying that this book is worth reading; it is, to be cliche, a complete riot.

Next book: The Nature of Jade — Deb Caletti (Forewarning: I’ve actually read this book before, but I like it so much I’m reading it again.)

– Kelsey


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