Review: One Day — David Nicholls

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Book List
41. The Gift — Nora Roberts
42. A Winter Solstice Celebration — DiDi LeMay
43. Limitless — Alan Glynn
44. Stuff White People Like — Christian Lander
45. The Nature of Jade — Deb Caletti
46. The Time Traveler’s Wife — Audrey Niffenegger
47. The Forgotten Waltz — Anne Enright
48. One Day — David Nicholls

Please bear with me, because this probably won’t be as objective a review as I would like.

David Nicholls’s One Day looks at friends Dexter and Emma over twenty years, but only in snapshots of each year — all the reader gets is a glimpse of what their lives were like on every July 15, the anniversary of the first day they spent together, as they experience make-ups and break-ups, laughter and tears, opportunities and missed chances.

As I’ve said, this won’t be very objective because I was completely and shamelessly besotted with the book. I fell in love with Dex and Emma, laughed with them and (almost) cried with them (if I hadn’t been reading the book on the train, I probably would have bawled like a baby), felt my spirits rise when they got lucky, and found myself cursing when either of them were making stupid choices.

In several ways, it was almost a list of how not to live your life, which I didn’t expect; as Dex and Emma were put through trials and tribulations, I found myself begging that my life would never take so many turns for the worse. I also had started into the read expecting a cookie-cutter happy ending, which wasn’t there (causing me to exclaim, “I didn’t sign up for a ride on your crazy train, David Nicholls, so please let me off!”), but the book was all the better for it.

I seriously recommend reading One Day. If it doesn’t make you want to sit around in your sweatpants, eating ice cream and crying and listening to “Good Life” by OneRepublic (the song they play in the movie trailer) on repeat, I will eat my hat. This book has touched me in ways that very few others have.

Next book: The Fifth Witness — Michael Connelly (A Lincoln Lawyer sequel; I’m so excited!)

Next feature: author profile of DiDi LeMay (which will be taken from Women’s Post, when it’s posted).

– Kelsey


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