Review: The Fifth Witness — Michael Connelly

Read: 49
To Go: 51

Book List
41. The Gift — Nora Roberts
42. A Winter Solstice Celebration — DiDi LeMay
43. Limitless — Alan Glynn
44. Stuff White People Like — Christian Lander
45. The Nature of Jade — Deb Caletti
46. The Time Traveler’s Wife — Audrey Niffenegger
47. The Forgotten Waltz — Anne Enright
48. One Day — David Nicholls
49. The Fifth Witness — Michael Connelly

Times are tough for the Lincoln Lawyer. With criminal lawsuits having come to almost a complete halt, Mickey Haller has dove headfirst into foreclosure to make ends meet. But when one of his clients, Lisa Trammel, finds herself the suspect in a murder case, in which the victim is responsible for the foreclosure of her house, Haller must get into high gear to prove her innocence.

Okay, so when I found out there are actually a set of Lincoln Lawyer novels (I accidentally went from the first to most recent, skipping the middle two — an error I’ll be sure to remedy), I was, naturally, thrilled (given that TLL has been one of my favourite books of this year and all time). There’s something so comforting about falling back on a cast of characters I already know well and like, not to mention that I know Michael Connelly to provide a wild ride and a thrilling courtroom drama.

That he did, on both counts, and then some.

Though the book looked to be quite an intimidating read, at 426 very large pages, I ploughed through this one in about two days. I was pulled in from the first sentence, and the Trammel court case refused to let me go.

Connelly has this really unique way of letting the reader figure out a plot twist a good 50 pages before the characters do, without making his own work look predictable, so by mid-novel I was feeling pretty smart and proud of myself for already pinning the murder on a different character. However, my assumptions came back around to smack me in the face and, in the final pages of the book, I was left reeling by my new favourite surprise-ending of all time. (Seriously, for about ten minutes I was just saying “oh my God, that was amazing” over and over and over again, and squealing like a little girl.)

I could not be more impressed with The Fifth Witness; it was everything I would think to ask for — a gripping story, great characters, fantastic and unpredictable ending — and more. Read it. Read it now. Put it on the top of your to-read list.

Next book: Not sure yet; I’ve got a whole stack of books, ranging from Stieg Larson to John Grisham, and I don’t know what I want to read next.

Next feature: DiDi LeMay profile, copied from Women’s Post.

– Kelsey


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