Review: The Reversal — Michael Connelly

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Book List
51. The Brass Verdict — Michael Connelly
52. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — Stieg Larsson
53. The Reversal — Michael Connelly

 I totally intended to read When You Were Mine by Elizabeth Noble next, but then I found The Reversal in Chapters, and it would be just wrong not to finish the series immediately. Hah!

Convicted child killer Jason Jessup is granted a retrial when new DNA evidence suggests that he may in fact be innocent. And though Mick Haller never thought he could be convinced to cross the court room, he finds himself as the lead prosecutor in the case. With his first ex-wife, Maggie McPherson, and half-brother, Detective Harry Bosch, at his side, they set out to locate the key witness from 24 years ago, but find that the trail may have gone cold. And Jessup’s nocturnal activities lead them to believe that one murder wasn’t enough; he may have just gotten started.

If the speed at which I read it was any indication, I really enjoyed the book. It was a really interesting direction to take, by having the “defender of the damned” agree to be part of the prosecution team. Not to mention that I loved hearing more from Maggie, instead of just having her as a side character; she really got more focus, and given that I adore her I was thrilled.

However, I do feel that this was probably the weakest novel in the series, because there was never really any surprise in it. Maybe that’s the nature of switching from defence to prosecution, but the story lacked the twists I’ve come to expect. It was made pretty clear from the get-go that Jessup was, in fact, guilty (though he protested, quite loudly, that he was innocent), and I almost expected to get halfway through the book and realize that he was innocent, or something else fantastically twisted. I didn’t.

Definitely a good read, though, but for me it was more because I liked getting into the heads of the sideline characters, and seeing how they interacted with Mick on a daily basis. (It also made me want to start into the Harry Bosch series, but we’ll see how that goes.)

Next book: When You Were Mine — Elizabeth Noble or The Girl Who Played With Fire — Stieg Larsson.

Next feature: the usual.

– Kelsey


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