Review: When You Were Mine — Elizabeth Noble

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Book List
51. The Brass Verdict — Michael Connelly
52. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — Stieg Larsson
53. The Reversal — Michael Connelly
54. When You Were Mine — Elizabeth Noble

 Oh hey, it’s been a little while! After some deliberation I decided to read the shorter (and more romance-y) of my two book choices, and picked up Elizabeth Noble’s When You Were Mine.

Susannah has spent the last nine years of her life with Doug, a single father of three ungrateful children, in an increasingly deteriorating relationship. Just as she’s considering what it means that she is sometimes a little glad when he sleeps in his office, Rob, her first and greatest love — and the one that got away — comes back into her life. There’s no wedding ring on his finger, and Susannah starts catching herself fantasizing about what could be. Her world is rocked by her reignited feelings for an old flame, and then shattered by a revelation from Amelia, her oldest and closest friends. Just when the girls may need each other the most, they face a crisis that may tear their friendship apart.

I will be upfront: if my heart wasn’t made of stone, I would have cried. Probably several times.

When You Were Mine was absolutely beautiful, and heart-wrenchingly painful to read. I felt such pity for Susannah, finding herself in a life that she had never wanted and not quite knowing how to untangle herself from it; and such love for straight-forward, take-no-prisoners Amelia who just plain refused to let herself be unhappy. And of course I just fell in love with Rob. (I probably loved him more than Susannah did!)

I honestly can’t believe how ridiculously, vividly real it was (aside from Rob, who was really just gorgeous romantic fodder — which I am not complaining about). No problem was simplified and dealt with easily — there was so much mess that just comes from life, which made seeing Susannah, Amelia, and Rob work with the cards they’d been dealt feel so much more worthwhile and poignant. I just wanted them to win, because they were trying so hard.

It didn’t have the cookie-cutter ending I’d hoped for, but I guess that’s what made it so perfectly realistic. And though I didn’t get exactly what I’d wanted, I couldn’t be angry because the conclusion saw Susannah and Amelia reunited and forgiving each other — they had such a great friendship, and through all that was lost, at least they didn’t sacrifice that.

Read it. Read it now. Seriously, do it.

Next book: The Scarecrow — Michael Connelly

Next feature: you know, the usual. I’ll try to put one up tonight and stop being lazy!

– Kelsey


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