Review: If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t) — Betty White

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51. The Brass Verdict — Michael Connelly
52. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — Stieg Larsson
53. The Reversal — Michael Connelly
54. When You Were Mine — Elizabeth Noble
55. The Scarecrow — Michael Connelly
56. The Poet — Michael Connelly
57. If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t) — Betty White

From my leftover books, I decided to go for something lighter and more fun than my usual M.O. I’d been wanting to read Betty White’s memoir for a while, so that seemed like a good choice.

Betty White’s wit and charm take centre stage in If You Ask Me, a collection of her thoughts on friendship, romance and her late husband, fans, television, aging, animal rights, and being a celebrity. Coming from a seven-decade career in show business, Betty covers the last fifteen years of her life through several amusing anecdotes.

It was actually a very quick read, because the chapters were only about a couple of pages each, and I managed to finish it in a matter of hours. And while it was enjoyable, and I was really quite impressed with her writing style, I was a little disappointed.

Based on the blurb, I was expecting the book to be filled with laugh-out-loud funny anecdotes. While there were several sweet moments, interesting stories, and insight into Betty White’s head that you can’t get anywhere else, it just wasn’t as funny as I hoped. However, I did enjoy her candidness and honesty, even if it wasn’t as amusing as I expected it to be.

It is definitely worth a read, because Betty White really is a great storyteller. I was pleasantly surprised by the openness and sometimes silliness of her memoir.

Next book: Ape House — Sara Gruen

Next feature: you know, the usual.

– Kelsey


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