Review: The Truth About Delilah Blue — Tish Cohen

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71. The Truth About Delilah Blue — Tish Cohen

At the age of eight, Delilah Blue Lovett was moved by her father from Toronto to L.A., leaving her mother behind. Now twenty, Delilah is working her way through school by modeling nude at her Los Angeles art college. While Delilah struggles to realize her talent, her father, her only real companion, begins to show signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s. And her mother, who Delilah has always assumed had selfishly abandoned them, is about to reappear with a young daughter in tow…and a secret that will change everything.

I’m in the middle of a blistering headache as we speak, so, as per usual, this review will be short and sweet. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of The Truth About Delilah Blue.

The good: that nothing was ever black and white. It’s hard to explain this thought fully without spoiling the book for you, but let’s just say that you can never fully take a side with either of Lila’s parents. Just when you start to think her mother was the victim, and had been seriously shit on, the tables are turned and you realize no, maybe not. Maybe her father was the victim. And then everything flips again. While Lila tries to determine which of her parents was in the right, the readers are forced to do the same. It’s not an easy choice.

The Truth About Delilah Blue also cut right to the bone when it came to Lila’s father and his early-onset Alzheimer’s. You got to see inside his head, to understand what it was like to have his own brain turn on him, as well as experience how it took its toll on Lila. I know people who can relate to that, and it was heartbreaking.

The bad: I had a bit of a hard time getting through it; I loved the story, but it was really hard to get motivated to read it. I know that sounds bizarre, and it may have just been me.

Good news: there was no ugly about this book. And the good points outweighed the bad ones. It’s worth a read, and it’s $9.99 at Chapters right now so there’s no reason not to pick it up!

Next book: Onstage, Offstage — Michael Buble (it’s such a beautiful book, and it has so many pictures of Buble. I’m so excited. You don’t even know.)

– Kelsey

(PS: I’ve finally made it! My number of to-read books is in the 20s! It looks a lot less daunting now.)


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