Review: True Evil – Greg Iles

Read: 75
To Go: 25

Book List
71. The Truth About Delilah Blue — Tish Cohen
72. Onstage, Offstage — Michael Buble
73. Various Positions — Martha Schabas
74. Flesh and Blood — Michael Cunningham
75. True Evil — Greg Iles

I’m 3/4 of the way through this challenge, and doing pretty well with this one-book-per-two-days rule I’ve implemented! Yeah! Also, a quick thank you to Sahar for lending me an excessive amount of books. Your generosity is much appreciated! (If you couldn’t tell, I’m in need of loaners or gifts — any takers?) Anyway…

Dr. Chris Shepard has never seen his new patient before. But the attractive young woman with the scarred face knows him all too well. An FBI agent working undercover, Alex Morse has come to Dr. Shepard’s office in Natchez, Mississippi, to unmask a killer. A local divorce attorney has a cluster of clients whose spouses have all died under mysterious circumstances. Agent Morse’s own brother-in-law was one of those clients, and now her beloved sister is dead. Then comes Morse’s bombshell: Dr. Shepard’s own beautiful wife consulted this lawyer one week ago, a visit Shepard knew nothing about. Will he help Alex Morse catch a killer? Or is he the next one to fall victim to a deadly trap of sex, lies, and murder?

To be completely, candidly honest, I did not expect to like this book. It’s not something I’d pick up at Chapters, because it’s not really my type. I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for months and eyed it with contempt for just as long. I’d only taken it because it was a generous loan from my father’s friend. But then the unthinkable happened: when I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! I really, really liked True Evil (though, if I’m being straight up, I feel like the title leaves a little to be desired).

It’s late, so here’s the quick and dirty: the plot is fabulous, and it moves like a train. I loved that Iles made his protagonist a kick-ass, take-no-shit, smart and talented female FBI officer, and that she didn’t once let anyone push her around. I loved the blood, I loved the gore, I loved how disturbing it was. I loved the unresolved sexual tension between Alex Morse and Chris Shepard. (Although, for God’s sake, one kiss would not have hurt!) I loved that Iles’s sex scenes didn’t make me cringe profusely (not to stereotype, but I’ve found that male writers struggle a lot with that). I did not, however, like that the excessive medical jargon went way over my head, but what can you do?

True Evil is a surprisingly (maybe not for some people, but for me) awesome read, and you should all go and buy it.

Next book: Gone —  Michael Grant

– Kelsey


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