Review: One on One — Peter Mansbridge

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Book List
81. The Next Always — Nora Roberts
82. The Single Girl’s To-Do List — Lindsey Kelk
83. The Heart of Devin MacKade — Nora Roberts
84. The Fall of Shane MacKade — Nora Roberts
85. One on One — Peter Mansbridge

Canadians have long relied on award-winning anchor and journalist Peter Mansbridge to inform and  enlighten us, whether at the helm of CBC News: The National or on Mansbridge One on One, his weekly interview program. In this, his first book, Mansbridge assembles and gives us the inside view of the most fascinating encounters from his weekly interview program over the past ten years.

I have to take the lazy, cop-out approach to this review, purely because I don’t know what to say. I enjoyed the book, and found the variety of guests to be really interesting, but I don’t exactly know how I’m supposed to review the cumulation of ten years of Peter Mansbridge’s career.

I think it’s worth the read, because it has guests in there for everybody — from politicians and world leaders to religious heads to hockey players and jazz singers, the book has it all.

I will say this: I especially liked the Obama interview. He just seems delightful.

Anyway, in order to catch up (I’m behind schedule by one book), I’ll be reading a book a day for two days. Wish me luck, as I may need it (all the ones I have sitting in my apartment are large).

Next book: possibly The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman; either that, or Memoirs of a Geisha.

– Kelsey


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