Feature: Top 10 Thursday — Songs to Make You Swoon

Continuing with my top ten romantic lists leading up to Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d list my ten favourite romantic songs (this list encompasses both the joys and heartbreaks of love). Counted down from ten, of course. And naturally, I had to include Youtube videos so you can listen, because I’m awesome.

(And if you’re wondering when the next book review will be happening, my answer is not soon; I haven’t started reading another book yet.)

10. Edge of Desire — John Mayer

Showcasing the sadder side of love is one of my favourite artists of all time. The chorus is absolutely gorgeous.

9. We Found Love — Rihanna

All the hipsters will shame me for this, but I love pop songs, okay?! And this one makes me happy! Anyway, I was going to include the video but the start of it kind of sucked so here’s the lyrics video instead.

8. I Want to Know What Love Is — Foreigner

I think this is probably one of the oldest songs on the list, and one of the best ones to dramatically cry-sing the chorus to when you’re alone in your apartment. (Not that I ever do that…)

7. 107 Degrees — Citizen Cope

I heard this for the first time in The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) and it has been one of my favourites ever since. I can’t understand half of what he’s saying, but the chorus is great. (And, let’s face it, it’s just a really sexy song.)

6. Everything — Lifehouse

Lifehouse actually has quite a few romantic songs, but this one is the most beautiful, hands down. Near the four minute mark, when the momentum is built up, I just get chills.

5. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room — John Mayer

I have both the studio and concert version of this song on my iTunes and, after much comparison, have concluded that the “Live in LA” one is much better. The guitar solo near the end is just hauntingly beautiful (as Ted Mosby would say). And in terms of romantic, definitely on the heartbreak side, but still gorgeous.

4. Losing My Mind — Maroon 5

Words can’t explain my love for this song. I don’t understand how it hasn’t been picked up by radio stations. It’s just heartbreaking. (In other news, this countdown is about to become Maroon 5 city.)

3. Runaway — Maroon 5

My residence friends probably knows this as “that song that Kelsey never stopped playing in first year.” That would be accurate. But forgive me, for it is beautiful!

2. Never Gonna Leave This Bed — Maroon 5

This song just makes me smile. On a related note, I love the video. I think it’s really cute when singers include their significant others in their work.

1. The Book of Love — Peter Gabriel

Also known as one of the most beautiful songs of all time. I could listen to it for hours on end. (Also, the scene in Shall We Dance where Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon dance to it in the department store will never not make me tear up.)

I hope you enjoyed this musical countdown! See you on Tuesday, aka Valentine’s Day, for the final countdown: best romantic movies.

– Kelsey


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