(Not really a) Review: The Waste Land, Prufrock, and Other Poems — T.S. Eliot

Read: 32
To Go: 68

Book List:
31. Solaris — Stanislaw Lem
32. The Waste Land, Prufrock, and Other Poems — T.S. Eliot


The title poem, The Waste Land (1922), ranks among the most influential poetic works of the century. An exploration of the psychic stages of a despairing soul caught in a struggle for redemption, the poem contrasts the spiritual stagnation of the modern world with the ennobling myths of the past. Other selections include the complete contents of Prufrock (1917), including “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” “Portrait of a Lady,” “Rhapsody on a Windy Night,” “Mr. Apollinax,” and “Morning at the Window.” From Poems (1920) there are “Gerontion,” “The Hippopotamus,” “Mr. Eliot’s Sunday Morning Service,” “Sweeney Among the Nightingales,” and more.

T.S. Eliot is almost incomprehensible, but at least this was short. Let’s leave it at that. (School read, in case that wasn’t clear right away.)

However, I did enjoy Prufrock, for the most part. It’s pretty. And, collectively, all the poetry nerds just groaned aloud.

Next book: The Singles — Meredith Goldstein (I have a fun story about how I got a hold of this.)

– Kelsey


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