Review: The Creeper — Tania Carver

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Book List:
31. Solaris — Stanislaw Lem
32. The Waste Land, Prufrock, and Other Poems — T.S. Eliot
33. The Singles — Meredith Goldstein
34. The Notebook — Nicholas Sparks
35. If You Were Here — Jen Lancaster
36. The Creeper — Tania Carver


Suzanne Perry is having a vivid nightmare. Someone is in her bedroom with her, and she can’t move a muscle.

She wakes, relieved to see the morning light, glad to put the nightmare behind her. Then she opens the curtains and sees a Polaroid stuck to the window. A photo of her sleeping self, taken during the night. And underneath it the words: I’M WATCHING OVER YOU.

Her nightmare isn’t over. In fact, it’s just beginning.

Okay, firstly: I NEED TO START CHECKING WHETHER BOOKS ARE SEQUELS BEFORE I READ THEM. I didn’t realize this, but The Creeper is actually a follow-up to Tania Carver’s first book, The Surrogate, which I also own and haven’t read yet. Fortunately it stood alone really well, but I started to realize that it contained a storyline that carried over from the previous book. Oh well.

Onto the review! The Creeper, though it’s title is almost funny, is actually just the creepiest, scariest novel I’ve read this year. It was so brutal and SO GOOD. The mystery throughout the story, which was really quite complex and intricate, was carried off so well, and the payoff was definitely worth the wait. Carver did a good job incorporating clues into the novel that weren’t like ham-handed, but that readers could pick up on if they were paying close attention.

I also really liked how the personal lives of the police officers were embedded into the story and played a role on how they solved the case. Everyone had a little bit of damage or baggage coming in that limited them in some ways, and made the case harder to get to the bottom of. Not all mysteries are that intricate: usually even if the cop or lawyer or journalist is having an off-day, (s)he’s still brilliant, and able to pick up on the littlest things. Carver incorporated realistic flaws and errors of thinking into her characters, which I thought was neat.

If you’re looking for a good scary novel with some fully-realized characters to boot, pick up The Creeper. But read The Surrogate first. Because, yeah. That’s what I should have done!

Next book: The Surrogate — Tania Carver

– Kelsey


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