Review: The Surrogate — Tania Carver

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To Go: 63

Book List:
31. Solaris — Stanislaw Lem
32. The Waste Land, Prufrock, and Other Poems — T.S. Eliot
33. The Singles — Meredith Goldstein
34. The Notebook — Nicholas Sparks
35. If You Were Here — Jen Lancaster
36. The Creeper — Tania Carver
37. The Surrogate — Tania Carver

A sickening killer is on the loose — a killer like no other. This murderer targets heavily pregnant women, drugging them and brutally removing their unborn babies.

When DI Phil Brennan is called to the latest murder scene, he knows he has entered the world of the most depraved killer he has ever encountered. After a loveless, abused childhood, Phil knows evil well, but nothing in his life has prepared him for this.

And when criminal profiler Marina Esposito is brought in to help solve the case, she delivers a bombshell: she believes there is a woman involved in the killing, a woman desperate for children…

Hey, friends! 

I’m so glad I asked for Tania Carver books for Christmas. (It says something about me, I’m sure, that I’m only reading them now, at the end of June…) The Surrogate, the precursor to The Creeper, was a fantastic debut novel/series-starter (unfortunately I read it out of order). It was, if possible, even more horrifying than its sequel — and definitely leagues better. (Not saying that The Creeper wasn’t amazing, but The Surrogate delivered so much more blood, gore, and crime-solving goodness.)

Like Carver’s other novel, The Surrogate delivers a gripping mystery thriller, right to the last pages, and ends with a big shocker that it would have been impossible to anticipate. I was left reeling: it was just beyond messed up, like absolutely grotesque and unimaginable, but so ridiculously perfect. 

Put this on your must-read lists. The Surrogate will squick you out, and you will love it.

Next book: not a clue. Probably another one of those crime thrillers I have sitting on my shelf.

– Kelsey


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