Review: Lost Light — Michael Connelly

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41. The Winter Palace — Eva Stachniak
42. Lost Light — Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch has finally quit the LAPD. When he left, he took a file with him — the case of a young woman murdered four years earlier. The crime was linked to a $2 million robbery on a movie set, and the LAPD thinks the money was used by terrorists.

Now, with time on his hands, Harry looks at the old file again. Something about the victim affected him deeply and the case has haunted him ever since. But when he decides to reinvestigate, he falls foul of both his old colleagues and the FBI. And then someone from Bosch’s past turns his world upside down…

Abigale and I were in the BMV a week or so ago, just looking around, and I found quite the stack of Michael Connelly books. I snatched two — this one, and Echo Park, my next read — and they’ve been making for quick, easy, interesting reads.

I did really like Lost Light, primarily because I’m predisposed to like any Michael Connelly book — and I’m just starting to get into the Harry Bosch series (albeit out of order). But I found that Lost Light moved a little too slow for my tastes. The book was over 300 pages, and the ball really didn’t get rolling until close to page 250. Before that, it was Harry floundering around, trying and failing to get a lead on the four-year-old case. I suppose that was half the point, as he had given up his badge and therefore lost the police privilege, but still…it was dragging a bit!

Also, I think I would’ve appreciated a little more exposition or explanation near the end, because the connected crimes felt a little disconnected and thrown together haphazardly — it almost seemed a little lazy.

Good characters, good plot, lots of intrigue, but lacking on the follow-through. I enjoyed it but was a little disappointed.

Next book: Echo Park — Michael Connelly

– Kelsey

(PS: Isn’t that cover gorgeous? All the Connelly books in the BMV had that same redesigned style and it’s just so aesthetically appealing.)


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