Review: Echo Park — Michael Connelly

Read: 43
To Go: 57

Book List:
41. The Winter Palace — Eva Stachniak
42. Lost Light — Michael Connelly
43. Echo Park — Michael Connelly

In 1993, Harry Bosch was assigned the case of a missing person, Marie Gesto. The young woman was never found — dead or alive — and the case has haunted Bosch ever since.

Thirteen years later Bosch is in the Open-Unsolved Unit, where he still keeps the Gesto file on his desk, when he gets a call from the DA’s office. A man accused of two heinous killings is willing to come clean with regard to several other murders in a deal to avoid the death penalty — including the killing of Marie Gesto.

Bosch must get close to the man he has sought — and hated — for thirteen years. And then he is confronted with the fact that he missed a clue back in 1993 which could have stopped the nine murders that followed the killing of Marie Gesto…

I’m going to make this super quick because it’s late and I want to go to bed. In comparison with Lost Light, which was two books ahead of this one, Echo Park comes out far better. Right from the get-go it was intriguing and interesting, and I didn’t want to put it down.

I also liked seeing facets of Harry Bosch’s character fleshed out a bit more. Connelly touches on it a little in Lost Light, but I liked seeing his frustration with the system, and his willingness to be a quote-unquote “rogue” cop in order to get things done. But that also has its downsides — a couple of characters noted that his my-way-or-the-highway, one-man vigilante routine could have damaging consequences. Bosch wasn’t always a completely likeable character, but I liked that he wasn’t everybody’s best friend, and that his character flaws could alienate him from others.

A much better read than Lost Light, and so far one of the stronger Harry Bosch books that I’ve read. It has also reignited my Michael Connelly obsession. Off to BMV I go…

Next book: Either Tucker Max or Michael Cunningham. We shall see.

– Kelsey

(Unrelated: another gorgeous cover.)


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