Review: Trunk Music — Michael Connelly

Read: 46
To Go: 54

Book List:
41. The Winter Palace — Eva Stachniak
42. Lost Light — Michael Connelly
43. Echo Park — Michael Connelly
44. Hilarity Ensues — Tucker Max
45. A Home at the End of the World — Michael Cunningham
46. Trunk Music — Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is back in Homicide after disciplinary leave. In the wooded hills overlooking the Hollywood Bowl, he opens the trunk of a white Rolls Royce and finds a corpse. It looks like a simple case of Trunk Music — a Mafia hit, the victim shot in his own vehicle — but the Mafia weren’t the only ones after movie producer Tony Aliso.

Tracing Tony A’s Mob laundry in the face of official obstruction puts Harry up against the FBI and back in the arms of a gorgeous ex-felon. Warned off the case by internal investigators, nailing Aliso’s elusive killer looks like the only way to make sure that Harry’s first case back in Homicide isn’t his last in the LAPD.

First and foremost: the last sentence of the blurb is a dangling modifier. Where were the editors?!

Now, for the book. I may or may not have splurged on eight books total, five of them Michael Connelly novels, post-birthday, so I have a lot of crime thrillers coming up. Trunk Music was a really good way to start off my Connelly binge — it was a solid story with an interesting misdirect, and a surprising “whodunnit.” (Or, it would’ve been surprising if I hadn’t been skimming and then accidentally read it early…My bad!) My only beef was that dangling modifier, and the fact that the book seemed perhaps a little longer than necessary; as I mentioned, I liked the misdirect but it made Trunk Music longer than it really needed to be.

Overall, one of my favourites in the extensive Harry Bosch series (which I am of course fit to judge, having read only four at this point).

Next book: Deviating from the Connelly binge, and reading The Professor of Desire by Philip Roth.

– Kelsey


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