Review: A Darkness More Than Night — Michael Connelly

Read: 48
To Go: 52

Book List:
41. The Winter Palace — Eva Stachniak
42. Lost Light — Michael Connelly
43. Echo Park — Michael Connelly
44. Hilarity Ensues — Tucker Max
45. A Home at the End of the World — Michael Cunningham
46. Trunk Music — Michael Connelly
47. The Professor of Desire — Philip Roth
48. A Darkness More Than Night — Michael Connelly

Terry McCaleb’s enforced quiet lifestyle on the island of Catalina is a far cry from the hectic excitement of his former role as an FBI profiler. However, when small-time criminal Edward Gunn is found dead McCaleb becomes embroiled in a disturbing and complex case…leading him to cross the path of Harry Bosch.

This infamous detective has always teetered on the brink of darkness in order to get inside the head of the killer. Is it possible that he has stepped across that finely drawn line and embraced darkness?

I’m running late right now but I just finished the book, and wanted to do a quick write-up while it was fresh in my mind. I bought the book because I’m working my way through the Harry Bosch series, and this has technically been listed as a Harry Bosch book even if he comes as a secondary character. I expected a little more focus on him, and was disappointed for that reason. However, I really liked Terry McCaleb as a character, and his moral code as it compared to Bosch’s. And I did like the complexity of the case that the book was dealing with — the blurb didn’t overstate, it was really well handled.

Next book: either City of Bones by Michael Connelly or something larger. I’m not sure if I want to exhaust my supply of shorter books just yet.

– Kelsey


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