Review: The Narrows — Michael Connelly

Read: 50
To Go: 50

Book List:
41. The Winter Palace — Eva Stachniak
42. Lost Light — Michael Connelly
43. Echo Park — Michael Connelly
44. Hilarity Ensues — Tucker Max
45. A Home at the End of the World — Michael Cunningham
46. Trunk Music — Michael Connelly
47. The Professor of Desire — Philip Roth
48. A Darkness More Than Night — Michael Connelly
49. City of Bones — Michael Connelly
50. The Narrows — Michael Connelly

Former FBI agent Rachel Walling has received the call she’s been dreading for four years. The Poet is back. He has not forgotten her. And he has a special present for her.

Harry Bosch is adjusting to life in Las Vegas as a private investigator and a new father. He gets a call, too, from the widow of a friend who died recently, someone who worked on the famous case tracking the killer known as The Poet.

Firstly: I’m halfway through the challenge! And it’s only…August 5th. Okay, I’m trying. If I can finish about 15-20 more books this month, though, then I’ll be right back on track. I might be able to swing it.

Secondly: Michael Connelly has got to stop killing off characters I like! I opened The Narrows to learn in the first ten pages that one of the secondary characters that I had liked right away had died. Ugh. How disappointing.

Anyway, I liked The Narrows. It fit in well with the Harry Bosch series (though I thought the switch to first person POV for Harry was a little unusual, since up until that point it was third-person, if I remember correctly), but also served as a nice follow-up to The Poet, which I read last summer. However, it was really sort of anti-climatic, since The Poet was a very intense read.

A side note: Rachel Walling is such a kick-ass female protagonist. For the most part, most Connelly females are, but I really like Rachel.

Next book: The Overlook — Michael Connelly. (Would it shock you if I said that after this I still have another Connelly book to go?)

– Kelsey


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