Review: The Overlook — Michael Connelly

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51. The Overlook — Michael Connelly

In the early hours of the morning, Harry Bosch is called to a crime scene. A physicist has been murdered in LA, and it seems the killer has no fear of publicity, leaving the body on The Mulholland overlook, a site with stunning views over the city.

But this is no random killing. Before he died, the victim turned over a quantity of a lethal chemical to his killer — and Harry knows he has more than just a single death to worry about.

Alongside the forces of Homeland Security, Harry must solve the murder or face unimaginable consequences.

I’m going to go ahead and give myself a nice big pat on the back for starting and finishing The Overlook in the same day. Partially because it was super interesting, and partially because it was a quick read and I had a lot of train time to kill this evening. I’m officially over the hump of this challenge (y’know…barely).

Anyway, The Overlook was a deviation from the usual Bosch book; though he often clashes with the FBI, Bosch has, to my recollection, never dealt with homeland security and/or terrorism issues. That was a really neat angle to play up, and so was Bosch’s rogue-cop response to it. (Though, let’s face it, he operates as a rogue cop most of the time…)

The final twist at the end had got to be one of the most intricate turn-arounds that Connelly has ever done. If I hadn’t accidentally skimmed ahead through the book, I would not have anticipated the people responsible for the scientist’s murder. (I don’t know if you’ve noticed a pattern with me and skimming, but maybe I should stop doing that so I can actually be surprised by a book. Hmm…)

Aside from that, Agent Rachel Walling was back and that made me happier than ever. I mean, if she could just get her own series that would be fabulous. Rachel Walling plays second fiddle to no one.

Next book: Tough call. I really want to read Chasing The Dime by Michael Connelly and finish off all of the Connelly books I have in my possession, but I also feel like I should mix it up a little. We’ll see…

– Kelsey


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