Review: Chasing The Dime — Michael Connelly

Read: 52
To Go: 48

Book List:
51. The Overlook — Michael Connelly
52. Chasing The Dime — Michael Connelly

Henry Pierce has just moved into a new apartment but the first time he checks his phone messages he discovers that someone had the number before him. The messages are for a woman named Lilly — and she is in some kind of serious trouble.

Pierce is inexorably drawn into Lilly’s world, a night-time world of escort services, websites, sex and secret identities. Every step Pierce takes leads him to abandon his own orderly life in a frantic race to save the life of a woman he has never met, as he is faced with a decision that could cost him everything…

Firstly, thanks Abigale for lending me this book. Friends who loan you books are the best friends. But she’d warned me that it was a slow read, and her observation was astute.

I’ve spent five days trying to read Chasing The Dime, so I really don’t want to spend much more time on it. Unlike other Michael Connelly novels, Chasing The Dime was flat and really super draggy. Henry Pierce alternated between being a painfully uninteresting lead, and a bit of a creep. I didn’t enjoy reading this book — in fact, trying to make myself read it was like a chore. So disappointing.

Next book: Unsure. I have a lot I want to read, but I don’t know which one I should start first.

– Kelsey


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