Review: Close Your Eyes — Amanda Eyre Ward

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Book List:
51. The Overlook — Michael Connelly
52. Chasing The Dime — Michael Connelly
53. Sweet Talk — Julie Garwood
54. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin — Louis de Bernieres
55. Tolstoy and the Purple Chair — Nina Sankovitch
56. Close Your Eyes — Amanda Eyre Ward

For most of her life, Lauren Mahdian has been certain of two things: that her mother is dead, and that her father is a murderer. Before the horrific tragedy, Lauren led a sheltered life on the banks of Long Island Sound, in a haven of luxurious homes and seemingly perfect families. But one morning, eight-year-old Lauren and her older brother awoke to discover their mother’s body and their beloved father arrested for the murder.

Years later, Lauren is surrounded by uncertainy. Starling revelations force her to peek under the floorboards of her carefully constructed memories, put aside the version of history that she has clung to so fiercely and search for the truth of what really happened that fateful night long ago.

This is going to be pretty short and sweet, because I’m in the middle of watching a movie. So here we go!

I really enjoyed Close Your Eyes. Both Lauren and Sylvia were wonderfully drawn, flawed characters, and Ward connected them flawlessly. At its heart, Close Your Eyes is a beautiful story of family and redemption, and totally worth reading. I did feel like things only started happening in the last quarter of the book, and maybe they could’ve happened a little sooner, but I can get over that.

Next book: something by Michael Connelly

– Kelsey


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