Review: The Marriage Artist — Andrew Winer

Read: 60
To Go: 40

Book List:
51. The Overlook — Michael Connelly
52. Chasing The Dime — Michael Connelly
53. Sweet Talk — Julie Garwood
54. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin — Louis de Bernieres
55. Tolstoy and the Purple Chair — Nina Sankovitch
56. Close Your Eyes — Amanda Eyre Ward
57. The Last Coyote — Michael Connelly
58. The Emperor of Paris — C.S. Richardson
59. Into the Darkest Corner — Elizabeth Haynes
60. The Marriage Artist Andrew Winer

When the wife of renowned art critic Daniel Lichtmann plunges to her death, she is not alone. Lying next to her is Benjamin Wind, the very artist Daniel most championed. Dedicating himself to uncovering the secrets of their relationship, Daniel discovers a web of mysteries leading back to pre-World War II Vienna.

I stumbled upon The Marriage Artist by accident I was in the BMV, looking for something else, and I found it, along with a $7 copy of Anna Karenina in the stacks. It looked so pretty, I couldn’t resist buying it.

I’m really glad I did. The Marriage Artist was really beautiful and moving, and it helped to satisfy my year-long obsession with historical fiction (primarily focused on WWII). I really loved how Daniel’s life coincided with Josef and Hannah’s history it was masterful storytelling on Winer’s part.

But what struck me most was the prose. There were sections that I just couldn’t get over how beautifully composed they were; if you read The Marriage Artist for nothing else, read it to be wowed by the writing.

I’ll leave off with my favourite passage:

I don’t know you, really. Only what you let me know, only what I think you might be. It’s been mostly my doing, this incompleteness. Is it horrible of me to admit that I can’t manage us any other way? You must have noticed my silence. I haven’t asked you many questions. And you’ve become careful with me. A stranger. I know how much you want me to paint us a ketubah. But please don’t make me complete my picture of you. I still want to worship you.” (Winer 247)

Next book: The Very Thought of You Rosie Alison

– Kelsey


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