Review: F For Effort — Richard Benson

Read: 76
To Go: 24

Book List:
71. The Perfect Hope — Nora Roberts
72. Tigers in Red Weather — Liza Klaussman
73. Waking Up Married — Mira Lyn Kelly
74. For One More Day — Mitch Albom
75. The Russian Concubine — Kate Furnivall
76. F For Effort — Richard Benson


This is one of those hilarious books that compiled all those horribly incorrect test answers. I read it today in a bookstore to warm up from Montreal’s particular brand of freezing cold.

Yes, this counts. No, I’m not going to review it. But I will say that I burst out laughing in the middle of a public place too many times to count while reading F For Effort. These answers to test questions were ridiculously creative — not that during a test is necessarily the best time to get creative.

Next book: The Closers — Michael Connelly

– Kelsey


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