Review: The Closers — Michael Connelly

Read: 78
To Go: 22

Book List:
71. The Perfect Hope — Nora Roberts
72. Tigers in Red Weather — Liza Klaussman
73. Waking Up Married — Mira Lyn Kelly
74. For One More Day — Mitch Albom
75. The Russian Concubine — Kate Furnivall
76. F For Effort — Richard Benson
77. Darth Vader and Son — Jeffrey Brown
78. The Closers — Michael Connelly


He walked away from the job three years ago. But Harry Bosch cannot resist the call to join the elite Open/Unsolved Unit. His mission: solve murders whose investigations were flawed, stalled, or abandoned to L.A.’s tides of crime. With some people openly rooting for his failure, Harry catches the case of a teenager dragged off to her death on Oat Mountain, traces the DNA on the murder weapon to a small-time criminal. But something bigger and darker beckons, and Harry must battle to fit all the pieces together. Shaking cages and rattling ghosts, he will push the rules to the limit — and expose the kind of truth that shatters lives, ends careers, and keeps the dead whispering in the night…

Okay, well that end sentence is a little extreme. There were political undercurrents to the murder in The Closers — as Harry would call it, “high jingo” (I literally do not know what that even means) — but it hardly “shattered lives.” Moving along!

I started The Closers on the train home from Montreal last night, and almost wished the train ride was longer so that I could have read it all in one go. It was so gripping! Coming back to Michael Connelly novels after having not read them for a while always reminds me how much I enjoy them. And I think The Closers was one of the strongest in the Harry Bosch series — at least, as far as I’ve read. The book had it all — a head-scratching murder with a surprising twist, a hint of political motivations and department tampering, and my second favourite detective on the case. (Ari Greene from Robert Rotenberg’s Old City Hall recently stepped in as my favourite fictional detective, but Harry Bosch, the jazz-loving, deep-thinking hardened L.A. cop comes in at a close second.) I also liked having Kizmin Rider, one of Harry’s more memorable partners, featured heavily in the story. She’s one of my favourite recurring characters.

Next book: either another Michael Connelly novel, or The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe.

Next feature: Montreal pictures!

– Kelsey

P.S.: Only 22 books left! I’ll have to read like 2 a day for a couple of days, but I could actually do this! Everyone, fingers crossed!

P.P.S.: I don’t know if you noticed, but Montreal appears to have done wonders for my challenge. Five books in two days! (Yes, I know, two were short, joke reads, but they still count!)


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