Review: Seriously…I’m Kidding — Ellen DeGeneres

Read: 79
To Go: 21

Book List:
71. The Perfect Hope — Nora Roberts
72. Tigers in Red Weather — Liza Klaussman
73. Waking Up Married — Mira Lyn Kelly
74. For One More Day — Mitch Albom
75. The Russian Concubine — Kate Furnivall
76. F For Effort — Richard Benson
77. Darth Vader and Son — Jeffrey Brown
78. The Closers — Michael Connelly
79. Seriously…I’m Kidding — Ellen DeGeneres


There’s no actual description on the back of Ellen’s book, but we all know that this is a memoir of sorts. Like Betty White, Ellen Degeneres divided parts of her life into multiple books.

This is yet another Christmas present that I hijacked for challenge purposes, but unlike with Nora Roberts’ The Perfect Hope and Mitch Albom’s For One More Day, I felt disappointed by Seriously…I’m Kidding. I think part of it is that humour is difficult to translate through the page — even though I love Ellen, and her show is funny, reading her book wasn’t as hilarious.What might be funny in person sounded more like rambling nonsense, which goes wildly off track, in a book. I wish there’d been more cohesion to Seriously…I’m Kidding, and I wish there’d been more memoir and truth to the stories than just an attempt at humour that felt overdone most of the time.

Next book: something by Michael Connelly, I think. I have two books of his that are pretty short.

– Kelsey


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