Review: Elric of Melnibrone — Michael Moorcock

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Book List:
81. Low Pressure — Sandra Brown
82. How Should A Person Be? — Sheila Heti
83. The End of Your Life Book Club — Will Schwalbe
84. The MacGregor Brides: Laura — Nora Roberts
85. The MacGregor Brides: Gwen — Nora Roberts
86. The MacGregor Brides: Julia — Nora Roberts
87. The MacGregor Grooms: D.C. — Nora Roberts
88. The MacGregor Grooms: Duncan — Nora Roberts
89. The MacGregor Grooms: Ian — Nora Roberts
90. Elric of Melnibone — Michael Moorcock

Elric of Melnibone Cover

For ten thousand years Melnibone ruled the world. Elric, the 428th Emperor, seemed destined to see that era come to an end. An albino, sustained by rare drugs, it fell to him to confront the rise of the Young Kingdoms, of the monsters and sorceries which were threatening to overwhelm him and his ancient crown.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have saw my tweet about my step father loaning me books. This is one of them. My step dad is quite determined to get me interested in fantasy books, and that’s really not my thing, so usually I just decline his book offer. However, I was short on books to finish out the year, and he taunted me with the promise of books with a low page count. So he gave me the entire Elric series (six books), which are all 160 pages each. How could I turn that gold mine down?

Let me tell you, 160 pages has never seemed so long until now. Maybe it’s just because I’m really not a fan of anything fantasy-based, or that Michael Moorcock is a little too expository for me, but I had to fight my way through Elric of Melnibrone. Like, tooth and nail. However, I will say this: the book is divided into three different parts, and after struggling through the first part, the other two were more interesting, and easier to read.

I can’t believe I read this book. And I can’t believe I have five more to go.

Next book: either Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly, or the second of the Elric series. I cannot afford to turn down 160 pages.

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– Kelsey


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