Review: The Sailor on the Seas of Fate — Michael Moorcock

Read: 91
To Go: 9

Book List:
91. The Sailor on the Seas of Fate — Michael Moorcock


Elric of Melnibone, last of the emperors of a once mighty land, self-exiled bearer of the sword of power called Stormbringer, found a ship waiting for him on the misty seacost of an alien land.

Boarding it, he learned then that he was to serve a strange quest side by side with other heroes from other times, for this ship sailed no earthly waters and time, for it, was flexible.

I’ve got a goal for today: read the second and third book in the Elric series. I’ve just finished the second, and I’ll be moving onto the third shortly. Then I’ll be officially caught up — meaning that my number of leftover books and leftover days in the year will be the same. So, after today, if I continue to read one book a day, I’ll be golden to finish on December 31.

Enough about the challenge, and more about Michael Moorcock. I know I griped in the last post about how Elric of Melnibone was such a boring book, but the second in the series was much more interesting to read. Like the first, it was divided into three parts, and each part was a different sea quest for Elric. All of them were pretty interesting, and definitely action-packed, and Moorcock’s writing was a little less expository this time, since he’d already set his world up in the last book. So, turns out I might just enjoy (or at least be able to tolerate) this series after all.

Step dad — 1
Kelsey — 0

Next book: The Weird of the White Wolf — Michael Moorcock

– Kelsey

P.S.: Dad and I went to check out the Barrie Public Library today, because they’ve got a little book store set up in the front, where they sell a bunch of used books. Best deals I’ve ever seen in my life! I got five novels, all pretty popular, for $2.50 — TOTAL. Looking forward to reading Bernard Schlink, Philip Roth, John Irving, Anita Shreve, and George Crile in the new year.


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