Review: Creatures of Light and Darkness — Roger Zelazny

Read: 3
To Go: 97

Book List:
1. The Reader — Bernhard Schlink
2. The Pilot’s Wife — Anita Shreve
3. Creatures of Light and Darkness — Roger Zelazny


I know I said I was going to read Anna Karenina next, but, in case you didn’t know, it’s massive. Like, 800-pages massive. And I haven’t even got through Part One yet, even though it’s just over 100 pages. Theoretically, 100 pages isn’t very long, but in Anna Karenina it is. So I decided the best way to read the beast without falling behind is to alternate between that and other books — i.e. read one part of Anna Karenina and then read one full book. Repeat until finished. So it’s coming, but slowly. In the mean time, Roger Zelazny. (Which, if you weren’t sure, I borrowed from my step dad. This is clearly not a book I would read by choice.)

In The Creatures of Light and Darkness, Anubis, the Lord of the House of the Dead (also known as that dog caricature from Egyptian lore) sends his emissary to kill a prince who has lived one thousand years. Meanwhile, Osiris, the Lord of the House of Life sends his son Horus to do the same thing. Instead of allowing their chosen warriors to team up, Osiris and Anubis decide to make the prince’s assassination a challenge.

I couldn’t make heads or tails of The Creatures of Light and Darkness. It made mention of earth and events that have occurred there, but was clearly not set on earth. It was a fantasy-cum-Greek tragedy, almost to the point of soap opera ridiculousness. The amount of revelations about unknown family members in the book could have made it an episode of Young and the Restless. It also reminded me of the episode of Community where the Dean conspires with everyone to the point that all his conspiracies are useless — everyone in this novel changed allegiances at the drop of the hat, and conspired with anyone who would talk to them. It just seemed pointless.

Next book: What We All Long For — Dionne Brand

– Kelsey

PS: here’s the promo of the Community episode I was talking about.


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