Photos: Nicholas Hoare Bookstore, Toronto

I’m sure I’m overloading anyone who subscribes to this blog with superfluous emails, and for that I apologize. But I wanted to take advantage of the limited free time I had today, to update my book reviews, and also post some photos of a lovely independent bookstore I visited recently. The Nicholas Hoare bookstore in Toronto is closing soon, but for now it’s open for business down at Front and Church Streets. I encourage everyone to check it out, because it’s gorgeous inside. (And also because we should support independent bookstores, et cetera and so forth.)

But before you head under the cut to see some of my photos from the store, here are some book-related reads that I found recently, and are worth perusing.

The Ghost Writes Back by Amy Boesky is a great article about Boesky’s past life as a ghost-writer for the Sweet Valley High series, and her double-life as an academic writer and a fluffy teen book novelist. It’s a long read, but it’s worth it.

And, on a completely different front, Flavorwire collected pictures (and sometimes videos) of eight bookstores located in residential spaces. They’re all fabulous.

Anyway, I’ll see you under the jump for nice photos of a beautiful bookstore!


From not quite the front of the store, looking back.


The seating area and cozy fireplace.


The store had an actual ladder. The nerd in me squealed.


Just some book covers I thought were particularly neat.


The three books I ended up buying while I was there. They all look so great — I don’t know which one to read first!

– Kelsey


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