Hi! I’m Kelsey Rolfe, and I live and work in Toronto, Ontario. I’m a fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University, voracious reader, failing freelancer, and promiscuous employee (I hold more jobs than is really advisable).

This blog is mainly dedicated to my clumsy book reviews and 100-book challenge, but I also occasionally post short opinion pieces. If you poke around, you’ll find links to my published work, and my forays into amateur photography.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to leave me a comment on the site. Or, of course, you can tweet me.

A note on book recommendations: You are, of course, welcome to recommend a good book, but I don’t guarantee I’ll make it a priority. I usually just read the books that catch my attention in bookstores, or the ones that my friends foist on me.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. heeeey, it’s becca (i’m in your reporting class.. haha)
    you wanted book recommendations, so if you haven’t read any books by James Frey, DO IT. i love them all, and they all have made me cry.. haha.
    A Million Little Pieces
    My Friend Leonard
    Bright Shiny Morning

    (i own them all if you wanna borrow them, haha.)

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower is also really good.

    • Hey Becca! (I knew who you were, LOL.)

      Thanks for the recommendations! :] You just reminded me that I should probably put up a recommendations post, or something, haha – sorry if I left you nowhere to message me. xD

      I’m going to put all three on my list, so thanks! And I’ve already been recommended The Perks of Being A Wallflower (several times over, actually…it must be good! :P).

      I might take you up on that offer to borrow some of your books, haha. I’ll let you know closer to the time. Thanks!

  2. O.M.G I love Tim Horton’s glazed donut holes. So, so, yummy. My family is from Buffalo, NY and that is always the first thing I do when I get up there (eat pizza or wings) and then get donuts. Mmm…makes me hungry. Anyway, are you going to keep up with this blog for next years 100 books (that’s if you’re doing it by year). Sounds like you had an awesome 100 though. Sorry I missed out on your blog until now.

    • Who doesn’t love a good Timbit? 😛 When you’re in the country, you should try an iced cappuccino, they’re delicious. 🙂

      Yes, I’m doing the 100 books again next year as well, with a bit of an extra challenge tacked on. I did have a pretty good run this year (though the last couple of months were a bit of a scramble to the finish :P).

      Happy new year!

  3. Hahhaha I talk until I’m out of breath as well! Sometimes I do it while teaching if I get excited about what I’m saying, the students think it’s funny.
    Anyway, will definitely be returning back to this blog! 🙂

  4. Great review of The High Road! You asked for other suggestions. For something completely different but a very interesting read (including some little known history of Nova Scotia) have you tried The Book of Negros by Lawrence Hill?

    • Thanks Kent! And yeah, The Book of Negroes is actually on my big list of books I want to read at some point, but I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. I’ve heard it’s phenomenal, though. (And also horrifying. But I’m assuming it comes with the territory.)

      Also, thanks for commenting! 🙂

  5. Hi from Central America!
    I came across your site when looking for information on Casino Royale, which I just finished. Your 100 books plan is impressive! I’m doing a book a week, but I’ve got nothing on you! I’ll be following your site, but I just thought I’d say hi. Good luck, and happy reading!
    PS – You mentioned you were open to recommendations –Have you read anything by Michael Chabon? I really liked The Yiddish Policement’s Union, but I’m not sure if it’s your style. I tried a search on your site but didn’t come up with anything from him. Actually, if you want you can see my list from the last 2 years at http://sitzblog.blogspot.com/p/sitzbook.html
    if you’re really looking for other titles or ideas.
    Wow, the PS was longer than the actual message. Sorry!

    • I meant to reply to you a month ago, Ryan, but thanks so much for stopping by to comment! And good luck on your own book challenge. 🙂

      I’ve never heard of Michael Chabon before, but I’ll check him out! I did look at your book list, and saw we’ve read a few of the same titles. 🙂

  6. Hi! Thanks for the reply–I’m happy you even wrote it, considering how busy you must be!

    I really liked your Best Of and Worst Of lists, and I’m happy to see that you’ll be reading 100 more books in 2013. I’ll still stick with my measly 52, but I’ll keep following your site for some more reviews and recommendations.

    Happy New Year, and best of luck!

    • Not terribly busy right now, since I’m not trying to cram-read approximately 40 books in 30 days. 😉 Thankful that 2012 is finished so that I can go back to leisurely reading.

      Glad you enjoyed the Year End Review! I’ll try to keep up with your challenge throughout the year, to see if we read any of the same books— and 52 is hardly a measly number. 🙂 Happy New Year and good luck to you as well, Ryan!

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