Review: Angels Flight — Michael Connelly

Read: 80
To Go: 20

Book List:
71. The Perfect Hope — Nora Roberts
72. Tigers in Red Weather — Liza Klaussman
73. Waking Up Married — Mira Lyn Kelly
74. For One More Day — Mitch Albom
75. The Russian Concubine — Kate Furnivall
76. F For Effort — Richard Benson
77. Darth Vader and Son — Jeffrey Brown
78. The Closers — Michael Connelly
79. Seriously…I’m Kidding — Ellen DeGeneres
80. Angels Flight — Michael Connelly


An activist attorney is killed in a cute little L.A. trolley called Angels Flight, far from Harry Bosch’s Hollywood turf. But the case is so explosive — and the dead man’s enemies inside the LAPD are so numerous — that it falls to Harry to solve it. Now the streets are superheating. Harry’s year-old Vegas marriage is unravelling. And the hunt for a killer is leading Harry to another high-profile L.A. murder case, one where every cop had a motive. The question is, did any have the guts?

Wow! I’ve had Angels Flight for months now and every time I would say I was going to read it next, I’d delay it longer because it looked huge. But I’m really glad I finally read it — it was huge, but it was also totally worthwhile. I probably say this every time I read a Michael Connelly novel, but the case that Harry Bosch had to solve this time was one of the more intricate ones, and kept me turning the pages. And this sounds mean, but I liked seeing how the dissolution of his marriage played a part in how he conducted his investigation: he wasn’t the perfect detective he usually is; Harry was sloppier and less focused, but still solved the case.

Anyway, I’ve got 13 days to read 20 books, so I really have to get moving on the next one. My reviews from here on out are probably going to be much shorter.

Next book: either my last Connelly novel, or the new Sandra Brown book that’s been calling my name.

– Kelsey


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